What We Believe

• You can experience God's best here on earth. (John 10:10)

• Ministry to the entire family is vital. We are committed to ministering to the entire family. No one is too young or old to know God and develop a relationship with Him. (Matthew 10:42)

• God's Word is relevant today. The Bible is our instruction manual for life. The Word of God will be preached with boldness --- we know the great benefit to your life that a firm foundation in God's Word will be. (Hebrews 4:12)

• The Holy Spirit is the third member of the Holy Trinity along with the Father God and Jesus, the Redeemer. Jesus called Him our comforter.  We will invite the Holy Spirit to be a part of our church services, as there are many tremendous ways He can minister to us. (John 14:16)

• God made provision through the redemptive work of Jesus Christ for our salvation, our health and financial abundance here on earth. (3 John :2)

• God wants you to know and walk in His plan for your life. We were created in His image and have an important destiny to fulfill. Whatever your highest goals and dreams are, God's ideas and ways are bigger! (Jeremiah 29:11)

• Church is more than a place of worship-- it is a family.
Everyone at New Life will have a place to be involved and develop relationships. New Life is a place to call home. (Acts 2:46)

• One purpose God has for New Life is to impact our community and surrounding areas with the good news of Jesus Christ. There is no limit to the great things God can do through us, a family, united in a common goal, to touch the world. (Mark 16:15)

• In carrying out our ministry and services with quality and excellence. (Daniel 6:3)